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AssuranceInsurance Contest

REMDUS has opted for another insurance company effective September 1, 2017 ! Make sure to check your emails in October for your new certificate number and the newest claim process to follow for reimbursement.  On this occasion, REMDUS will be paying the insurance premium for 5 of its members.  To participate, go to  our REMDUS Facebook page .

If you would like to make changes or completely and permanently withdraw from your current insurance cover, be advised that you can do it from September 15, 2017 until October 15, 2017.

Further information on the insurances offered by REMDUS



Bocks Oktoberfest 2017

The 17th edition of Oktoberfest at the University of Sherbrooke is drawing near ! On this occasion, REMDUS will be selling 9 bocks at 30 $ each. Choosing the members to whom we will be selling the bocks is not an easy job, therefore we have decided to proceed by drawing lots to select, from among the people who are most interested, the lucky winners. To participate in this draw, you just have to answer this email and provide your name and student number (matricule) and you are all set. The winners will be drawn among those students having responded by October 4, at midnight, and will then be asked to come and claim their bock at the REMDUS bureau on the main campus, room E1-115. If you are not on campus, don’t worry, we are on the premises until 5 pm on the very day. Contact us and we’ll find away to accommodate you. For further information on the event, please visit the Oktoberfest website.



BBQ Student parents

The REMDUS and the Association « Vivre et Œuvrer Ensemble » have the pleasure of inviting all graduate students who are also parents to a BBQ on October 8, 2017, therefore, next Sunday, from 11am to 4pm, on the premises of the main campus on the playground between the A2 and A4 buildings.

You are all invited. Make sure to be present so that your children could really enjoy a great day outside.

It’s free.

For further information on the event feel free to write to :  Tél : 819 919 1975



Public mayoral debate involving the candidates for the 2017 Mayor’s Office

FEUS and REMDUS are inviting you to participate in a public discussion between different individuals running for the Mayor’s Office, this October 11, starting 11:30 am at the Agora du carrefour de l’information on the main campus. Help us tailor this public debate to your liking by sending us your questions and concerns using this email address: The dominant topics are :


  1. The student community
  2. The environment
  3. The active means of transport
  4. Inclusion
  5. Retention of students

For further information on the event: Facebook



Below the belt – the rape culture

Simon Boulerice, Véronique Grenier et Samuel Larochelle, the three authors of the collective work Sous la ceinture : unis pour vaincre la culture du viol (Québec Amérique), will be reading from their work and Nancy B. Pillon, the one who directed it, will be also available for discussions during a 5@7, on October 14, in the intimacy of La Capsule Cinema Bistro. They will discuss about the reasons behind their words and their commitment to break the wall of silence and especially about the trivialization of sexual violence. The screening of the hard-hitting documentary Audrie & Daisy will follow.

Ticket price: 11 $ (plus tax, includes the entrance fee for this particular event and another to the Salon du livre de l’Estrie); FREE to all REMDUS members.

For further information on the event: Facebook



The night of the homeless

The Organizing Committee for the The night of the homeless 2017 event, in Sherbrooke, is inviting you to take on the Challenge : participate online in the Contest for the manufacture of makeshift shelters! As a matter of fact, until October 15, harness the members of your group to participate in manufacturing of makeshift shelters! The process is really simple: put together a team of at least 3 persons who will manufacture in less than an hour a makeshift shelter from allowed materials.

  • 2 canvas / plastic drop sheets
  • 6 six feet long wooden sticks
  • 2 covers
  • 3 strings / cordons / lacing of less than 3-feet long
  • some adhesive tape of less than 6 feet long
  • 2 cardboard boxes
  • some newspapers
  • safe and reusable material of your own creation

*No metal of any kind, alloys, nor broken timber either.

**Shelters must not be pre-assembled. It is a manufacturing contest after all!

Afterwards, you will make a short video of at least 30 seconds in order to introduce your project to the audience and then you should publish it on the Facebook page of the The night of the homeless in Sherbrooke! You can also participate in the contest that will take place during the night of the homeless on October 20, starting 8 pm at the Marché de la gare de Sherbrooke. If by any chance it is too difficult for you for put together a team, rest assured that it is possible to twin with another organization for this particular purpose. The most important thing of all is of course to do this as a team!





Carte blanche

The Centre culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke in partnership with La Maison du Cinéma, La brûlerie Faro de Sherbrooke, Le Végécafé Vertuose, the FEUS, the REMDUS and Le musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke are offering the Carte blanche to the student community. It will be giving you access to number of free passes to shows, films, or to the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke as well as to local cafés. This Carte comes with significant discounts also. All you have to do to benefit from it?  Nothing more than just to buy it at 45 $ (CAD) at the Centre culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke, at your university dorms, at the COOP, or at La Maison du cinéma. For further information, as well as the list for all available performances, visit the Internet website.



Aide programs at the Fondation FORCE

Are you facing financial difficulties that are endangering your studies? La Fondation FORCE could provide punctual assistance in specific circumstances and support you in your study project in such a way that you will be able to continue your studies and reach your goals.

Four aide programs are available at the Fondation FORCE for both undergraduate and graduate students who are facing real financial problems. Here they are :

  •       Financial support in the form of scholarships benefits
  •       The Study-Work program
  •       Food-Aid support in the form of food vouchers
  •    Personalized budgetary Solutions in collaboration with an in-house bureau Solutions Budget Plus

For further information or if you just want to know the admissibility criteria on various assistance programs, visit the Internet website.



Request a student participation proof!

Are you engaged in your milieu?

Are part of an student organization or association?

Are you a representative of the UdeS in any of the inter-university games?

Do you invest your energy in a non-formal education project?

Well then, ask for a proof! Your personalized proof, signed by the Secretary General and by the Vice-Rector for student affairs, officially acknowledges you involvement at the UdeS. It will prove efficient when you will be prospecting for a new job, an internship, or when you will apply for scholarships. For further information on how to or just to fill out the request form, visit the Internet website.



Thank you and good week to all!

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