Naylor Report : fundamental research funding

Dear Science Researchers,

About the Naylor report, and why this is important to students and post-docs: The recently released Fundamental Science Review (commonly known as the Naylor Report) has set out 35 clear recommendations as part of a bold plan to restore and strengthen the fundamental research funding ecosystem in Canada. These include actions to increase federal funding for research, improve coordination among funding agencies, and promote diversity. There is a lot of momentum in the scientific community right now urging the government to implement these recommendations in short order. We, as students training to be the next generation of scientists, innovators, and professionals, are especially impacted by changes in research funding because it:


  • Supports our training in research and critical transferable skills
  • Enables us to be competitive on the international stage
  • Supports our career-building process through employment
  • Promotes expansion of diversity from the student population to leadership levels
  • Fosters a curiosity-driven society in which we can build our futures


About us: Science & Policy Exchange (SPE) is a student-run charity based in Montreal. SPE provides a vital forum for the discussion of scientific issues in order to inform policy at both federal and provincial levels. The SPE aims to: 

  • Bring together leading experts from academia, industry, and government to engage and inform students and the public on issues at the interface of science and policy
  • Foster a student voice in evidence-based policy making

Please help us to support fundamental research and students by signing our open letter! 

Science & Policy Exchange has worked since 2010 to bring the student voice into important science policy discussions, and we aim to do our part to #SupportTheReport (the Fundamental Science Review, see below for more info on « The Report »).


1) We have an Open Letter for you to sign!

We are writing you to announce that we’ve written an open letter, from the perspective of students, to Prime Minister Trudeau in support of fundamental research in Canada.  We invite all research trainees (student & post-docs), and those in the research community who wish to support the student perspective, to join our call for the full implementation of the Fundamental Science Review by signing this letter. The letter is attached in English and in French – to sign this, either click the link in the PDF or visit


2) Submit a video testimonial

We also welcome the submission of video testimonials, so that students can tell us in their own words why they support fundamental research and the Naylor Report. These will be posted on our YouTube channel, on our website, shared on Facebook and Twitter, and finally compiled and sent to Prime Minister Trudeau along with the signed letter. Instructions and submission information for these testimonials can also be found on our site.


3) Share on social media

Please share this letter and our campaign broadly. It is important to show the importance of the student voice in these discussions, and our impact depends on the number of signatures and video submissions we receive in the next two months. If you are active on social media, please support our hashtag #Students4theReport as well as the classic #SupportTheReport to keep the conversation alive!


4) Support similar campaigns

Finally, there is also information on our site about campaigns by our friends at Evidence for Democracy (who pioneered a “write your MP” campaign), the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (who have launched a trainee selfie campaign), as well as the “Summer of Science” movement – we urge you to support these campaigns as well. Although it is available on our website, I have included some information about the Naylor report and its importance to students below, as well as background on our organization.