Amendment Period


As a Superior cycles student of the Sherbrooke’s University, you are covered by an Insurance plan provided by the REMDUS; your student association. REMDUS Individual insurance fees will be on your student invoice.

This insurance plan gives you access to an annual Health care Plan, Dental care Plan (International students are covered only for Dental care Plan – If you got a valid RAMQ card, you can ask REMDUS to add the Health care complementary – and a travel insurance.



*** Please note that the REMDUS DO NOT REPLACE OR OFFERS any prescription drug insurance in accordance to the Act Respecting Prescription Drug Insurance – Article 15.1 ***


For further informations about the Insurance plan offered, percentage of coverage ans claims amounts, click on the link below (Section Assurances accident et maladie et assurance dentaires; Vos protections):

Connaître mon régime


The Insurance plan is not mandatory. You can make some changes (Add a Family Plan, make a withdraw) during the 30 days amendement period.




If you were a former member of the First cycle (FEUS) and continued your studies to the Superior cycles, be aware that the FEUS insurance plan is different from the REMDUS Insurance plan. If you are admissible, you will be added to the REMDUS insurance plan automatically.


If you made modifications for the FEUS insurance, you will have to do it again with the REMDUS via your personnal account on our Website (NOT THE ASéQ WEBSITE!) during the amendement period.


The amendment period begins [jourDebut] [moisDebut] [annee] until [jourFin] [moisFin] [annee] at 23h59. After that, you won’t be able to make change until next Fall Semester even if you remain a student at the Winter Semester.



You can make changes to your account at this address:


Mon compte


You must be connected with the Email address down below and the temporary password that has been given to you in a previous email.


Email address required : Your email address


If you don’t remember your password, you can reset your password by clicking « Mot de passe oublié ». You are always able to change your password.


1- Log to your REMDUS Account « REMDUS Mon Compte » (See link above) with your email address and your temporary password that you received in a previous email.

2- Change your password « Changer le mot de passe » for your next connexions.

3- Choose the modification you want to do (« Demande de Retrait » – Withdraw request or « Demande de couverture familiale » – Family plan).

4- For a withdraw request, you must choose between an annual withdraw « retrait annuel », a permanent withdraw « retrait permanent » or a partial withdraw « retrait partiel ». For the partial withdraw, you nedd to provide an evidence that you already have a coverage for a similar insurance plan from a private insurer.

5 – Indicates the reason if you choose a withdraw.

6- If you do a partial withdraw, join the insurance evidence requested. Take note that the RAMQ card is not a valid proof!

7- Click on « Envoyer » – Send.

8- For students who made a request for a Family plan : Pay to the REMDUS the annual supplementary amount to activate your family coverage durant the present amendment period.


Be aware that we DO NOT accept ANY modification request by phone. It doesn’t leave enough informations in your file. In the event of a problem with your file, it is easier for you to provide written proof (Perhaps: an email) rather than a phone conversation.


For further informations, please contact REMDUS Insurance :


Email :

Phone : 819-821-7968**

Office: E1-115, Pavillon de la vie étudiante on the Campus Principal


** Take note that Back to School is a busy period for everyone. Due to the large number of requests, the response time is five (5) business days. Please send only one request to avoid any ambiguity in the processing of your file. Thank you for your patience.


Business Hours :

Monday to Thursday: 9h to 12h15 and 13h to 17h

Friday: 9h to 12h15 and 13h to 15h45


Thank you,